Kannada actress held for bother’s gruesome murder

Kannada entertainer Shanaya Katwe was allegedly captured by the Hubballi Rural police after the deplorable death of her sibling. As per reports, her sibling Rakesh Katwe’s beheaded head was found in the Devaragudihal timberland territory and his disfigured body parts were found at Gadag Road and Hubbali.

Shanaya was supposed to be involved with Niyazahmed Katigar and her sibling wasn’t in favuor of something similar. The conflict between the sibling and sister prompted his misfortune, recommend reports.

The homicide occurred in the casualty’s home in Hubballi. Shanaya had shown up in the city to advance her most recent film and had remained with the person in question.

Rakesh was choked to death by Katigar who had plotted the whole arrangement. The police collaborate with different authorities and cops close by and captured the four suspects from the city Niyazahemed Katigar (21), Tousif Channapur (21), Altaf Mulla (24), and Aman Giraniwale (19) according to the report in New Indian Express.

Shanaya was as of late advancing her film Ondu Ghanteya Kathe​. The film likewise stars Ajay Raj and Swathi Sharma leading the pack job. It has been helmed by Raghav Dwarki. It was a much-anticipated film in Kannada film and dropped as of late.

Shanya had made her presentation with Idam Premam Jeevanam in 2018 and was gradually acquiring conspicuousness in Kannada film.

The entertainer has been taken into legal authority post her capture.

Shanaya Katwe

Shanaya Katwe is a Kannada model turned actress and have been seen prominently in two Kannada movies- Idam Premam Jeevanam and Ondu Ghanteya Kathe.

Ondu Ghanteya Kathe

Rahul ditches his better half Saroja to decide to settle with a lady of his folks’ decision. He actually needs to mess around with her post his marriage and he communicates this to her. She chooses to render retribution such that he’d have never anticipated. The situation spins out of control from that point.

This eccentric parody has a reason where the legend winds up wasting time with a young lady from his school in the affection of adoration and winds up losing his ‘saman’ as a feature of a wrathful demonstration from his rejected darling who chooses to show him a remarkable exercise.

The film starts with this episode and what follows from there on are loads of jokes and jokes that are intended to be cowardly, straightforwardly. While there are a few lines that may inspire a snicker or laugh, the rest appear to be simply extended with the insinuations and gags being an excessive amount.

While the movie producer has decided to have an amazing message eventually, the film doesn’t compensate for that expectation. There might be a message that may be engaging to ladies at last, yet the fairly disagreeable generalizations regarding a portion of different ladies characters wind up fixing whatever well meaning goals are pressed.

Ondu Ghanteya Kathe is evaluated A and has some insinuation filled lines that may engage a few.


Abhimanyu and Adithi are dearest companions in a designing school. While Abhimanyu is the perky, joyful sort, Adithi is the diligent one. They have an extraordinary bond, however is that love?

Raghavanka Prabhu’s Idam Premam Jeevanam is a non mainstream heartfelt dramatization, sprinkled with humor. This film attempts to have the cut of-life flavor and might have sat well in the space that pioneers like Hyderabad Blues did. What makes the film miss the mark is that it comes up short on the punch all things considered occasions and can be hauling to the crowd.

This film is set in present-day Bengaluru, where we meet a lot of companions seeking after designing. The head of this pack is Abhimanyu, also known as Abhi, who is the spirit of the posse. He is speedy with repartees, realizes how to engage women and still shows at least a bit of kindness of gold, where he fixes things with nobody’s information. There’s additionally Adithi, Abhi’s closest companion and the affirmed nerd in the class. The two have an extremely unique relationship. The film follows the existences of this group through their school days.

The film has a sweet romantic tale, however there are a few scenes that might have effortlessly been clipped to keep the spirit of the story unblemished. The music is admirable, while the cinematography appears to be awkward now and again. The producers have attempted to recount a story without any laces, which is decent. In any case, this flounders at time. Sanath, as the saint, is promising. In any case, Shanaya Katwe, who plays the lead, cuts down the beat that her beguiling co-star figures out how to charge. She appears to smooth for her cutesy nerd act. This unquestionably is one of the greater disadvantages of the film.

There aren’t such a large number of sweet heartfelt shows set in the school scenery that abstain from the standard business components. This film scores on that front. One just wishes the film had a touch more energy to guarantee the crowd additionally went with equivalent zeal through the film.

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