Did you know you can navigate your phone in other ways than just handling with your hands?

Since the iPhone made touch screen cell phones the norm, we’ve utilized touch and very little else to explore around our telephones.

Yet, Google and different designers have attempted to fabricate a more flexible climate and help handicapped clients in utilizing cell phones. You probably won’t have thought about the various approaches to work Android that don’t need contacting the screen by any means.

Here are the five significant ways you can explore around your Android phones.


How about we move the most clear technique first. Everybody knows about touch screen phones. Telephone creators have thought of various upgrades, alternate routes, and plan dialects in years past to refine that experience.

You can long-press to uncover more choices, two fold tap to play out a fast activity, swipe to switch among tabs, and comparative. However, with screens however huge as they seem to be presently, contact isn’t generally ideal regardless of whether you have monster hands.


Many have hailed voice contribution as the fate of computerized communication. Also, that is nothing unexpected. Practically every device you own today can be set off by voice, particularly thinking about how quickly shrewd home machines have developed. What’s more, it’s likewise a helpful technique for clients with impairments to work their telephones.

Google Assistant is one significant way you can somewhat control your Android telephone. You can execute fast orders like “Play a tune” with Google’s voice aide. We’ve even seen how to mechanize your existence with the assistance of Routines.

In any case, this is certainly not an undeniable arrangement. Google understood this some time back and delivered an application called Voice Access. This allows you to utilize your telephone totally with simply your voice.

When you dispatch Voice Access, the application starts a consistently on module. It tunes in for your orders and doles out a number to each activity accessible on your telephone’s screen.

You can basically talk a specific number to play out that activity. For example, on the home screen, in the event that you’d prefer to tap the Phone symbol, simply say the digit relegated to it and it will open up.

Likewise, key activities like looking over and tapping Back have a fixed order, for example, “Look Down” and “Return.” Since Voice Access’ discourse acknowledgment capacities are gotten from a similar innovation behind Google Assistant, you will not have to stress over rehashing phrases. It is very responsive and precise.


Directing an Android telephone with your face is currently conceivable too, on account of an application called EVA Facial Mouse. It intends to permit individuals with fluctuating inabilities like amputations, cerebral paralysis, and spinal line injury to effortlessly deal with their telephones.

The application does as such by observing your facial developments and controlling a pointer on the screen as needs be. To move the cursor, you need to move your face the proper way.

To associate with components, simply float over it and hang tight briefly. The application functions admirably, and even permits you to arrange its different properties like the pointer’s speed and affectability.

Furthermore, you can likewise turn on a dock for rapidly getting to a lot of center activities including home, performing various tasks, and the sky is the limit from there. In case you’re worried about security here, you should know the solitary authorizations Facial Mouse requests are camera and availability.

External Keyboard and Mouse

At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to complete some genuine work, the majority of us go after our desktops with a genuine console and mouse. In any case, in all honesty, you can have a comparable arrangement on an Android telephone also. The OS is locally viable with both of these embellishments.

You have two different ways to interface a console and mouse. On the off chance that they’re remote, you can basically combine them over Bluetooth and you ought to be good to go with no further tweaking.

For wired USB consoles, you’ll need an exceptional dongle to utilize USB OTG (On-The-Go). This empowers you to connect a full-size USB-A connector to your telephone’s miniature USB or USB-C port. Because of the stage’s help, you don’t have to alter any settings to begin utilizing the console.

Android even allows you to utilize standard console alternate ways like Alt + Tab exchanging or utilizing the Tab key to explore around. It’s additionally conceivable to control Android with your desktop’s mouse and console through an outsider stage. Pair these with a docking station and your cell phone can supplant your work area.

Reachability Cursor

On the off chance that you need to adhere to contact as your information strategy on Android, you’ve presumably run into a couple of obstacles as producers keep on expanding phone sizes.

To stop those hardships, attempt Reachability Cursor. It’s another application that brings a shrewd touch-based info framework to Android by adding a PC like cursor/pointer on your phone.

Reachability Cursor works by putting a drifting controller on the edges, which you can consider like a PC mouse. Use it to haul around the cursor, to tap a component, you need to “single-tick” the actual controller.

There’s a valid justification behind isolating the idea into two skimming symbols rather than one. The controller consistently remains around two inches from the cursor, allowing you to arrive at corners you wouldn’t have the option to in any case with a hand.

The entire interaction feels smart. It’s something I wish each telephone producer would take notes from – particularly Google since it doesn’t offer any reachability instruments. The engineer even appears to have guaranteed the cursor doesn’t inadvertently initiate. It avoids your direction when you don’t need it.

You can even customize where you’d prefer to stick the overseer and its trigger region. Likewise, you have the choice to arrange edge activities for rapidly pulling down the notice shade or speedy settings. Notwithstanding, you need to pay for the majority of these advantageous highlights, and for long-press clicks too.

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